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Brandon R. Scarborough has worked with minority youth since 2006, providing them with information and resources for successful living. In 2016, Brandon founded Dreams Academy in Akron, Ohio, which serves as an excellence incubator for Black Males ages 10 to 15.  Having resided in Akron, Ohio, all of his life, he saw a need to address the challenges of Black males and begin to address them early to increase their chances of success later.  He has become a community champion of Black males, having been awarded numerous awards and honors for his work and Dreams Academy’s work.

"Give this book as a gift. I'm serious. We are losing a generation. We don't need another black boy in a jail cell. It will help you. "

Brandon R. Scarborough M. ED


Brandon is a graduate of John R. Buchtel High School, the University of Mount Union with a BA in Mass Media Communication, the University of Phoenix with a Masters degree in Education, and has completed some doctoral work.  This education working in tandem with his experiences has led to a resume of achievements across multiple genres.  Brandon is an accomplished musician and continues to hone that passion as the owner of the Dreams Academy Music and Media Center which provides youth with private music lessons as well as community classes featuring the latest digital music production technology.
His latest work “Talking Points” is a highlight of his life.  Sharing what he has learned working with Black males over the years, Talking Points was written to help mothers specifically cultivate conversations at home that lead to healthy relationships.  Being able to mix conversations with both parents and youth, education, experiences, and interactions, the contributions to this book are innumerable.  Parents have been sharing how this book has helped them at home, as well as educators, mentors, pastors, and youth leaders.  He is extremely proud to share the gift of Talking Points with the world!

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