A conversation guide to cultivate & connect with young black men

Talking Points is a resource guide for single mothers raising Black Males. It takes on 10 topics that plague young Black Males in America and provides “Conversation Starters”, guiding questions that will foster productive dialogue and ease challenging conversations.

Talking Points

A resource guide for curriculum developers, educators, and mentors and parents!

Brandon R. Scarborough has spent the last 15 years working with minority youth, providing them with resources and tools for successful living. He poured all of his experiences into his new book “Talking Points”


What are readers are saying:

"As a mother, a black mother, a black mother to a black son sometimes I don't know what to say or how to say it. We know a conversation needs to be had now I can be more prepared."
"Give this book as a gift. I'm serious. We are losing a generation. We don't need another black boy in a jail cell. It will help you."
"I read it and saw areas of improvements for me and my boys."
"I love that I'm able to gain insight on various topics from perspectives I've never consdered."
"He is talking to mothers about how to raise black boys. Get the book."
"I was instantly able to implement some strategies with Harper from this book to resovle an issue."

Cultivate & Connect

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